A solution for brands and businesses that want to grow

We develop holistic strategies for modern businesses

hive id. is a full service strategic marketing and business development agency, which means hive id. has the expertise in working with comprehensive projects that range from the planning and conceptualization of an idea to its development and delivery to the world, either in offline or digital formats.

Our client is our partner, since our growth depends on their growth. We have developed and executed marketing and business management strategies for partners from all continents of the globe. In hive id. We are global, we understand the trends and demands of the international market from a macro perspective, but we also know the regional reality, a micro perspective. There are many ways to reach a solution, hive id. knows a lot about them and will always take the most assertive.

Predictive Intelligence

Current market demands force brands and businesses to meet high quality standards in the communication process with their consumers. Proactive intelligence is necessary to predict the interests of these groups and the strategic changes that keep the businesses in force. In hive id. We use the best tools that together with the genius of our team allow us to offer our clients / partners a superior capacity in terms of understanding scenarios that contribute to the development of tactics required by any business today.


In hive id. All of our solutions are tailor-made, that is, they are tailor-made, specially designed for a particular purpose. hive id. does not follow formulas.

Agile Projects

We use an Agile innovative approach for our strategic marketing and business development projects, which allows us to work effectively and achieve our objectives as a company and provider of solutions for our partners’ businesses.